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The world today is in a constant state of fluctuation and advancements.  New Technology pops up everyday making it nearly impossible for the average person to keep up.  At Online Sales 4U OU we stay on top of all the latest trends to make sure you are the leader in your industry.  

Protect and Preserve Forever

If your company requires data storage or a secure server for your online store, we can help.  Our servers are internationally based in secure locations with the latest and greatest in security.  Just ask if your server is not secure.  

Our experts

 Linda McCartney is a South African Internet entrepreneur who I find has an interesting take on happenings in the digital currency world.

linda mccartney

 John Flower, is a hands-on software architect, developer, team and project manager with extensive experience building and implementing software solutions for investment banks, hedge funds and startups. .


Victor Garberl, In his current role he is responsible for product roadmap steering, and data & strategy sales for FTW. 

victor garberl


“Maximize Your Hard Drive Space”

With FTW’s hard storage you can remove all those large files slowing down your computers speed and know they are safe and ready for you when you need them.


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About us

We are just a group of tech junkies who want the same as you, privacy and the ability to be ourselves and not a number.

Our mission

Create the easiest to use platform in the industry while maintaining anonymity and developing long term solutions.

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  • Join the Future of Video Playback with the Best Service in the Industry!